Betty & Blair

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today in a conversation with my mother I told her that when I was a Teenager I had two brains, And that at the time of my teenage youth these two brains worked simultaneously both deducting and directing possible choices and consequences. I told her that when a situation would arise in the world of teenage drama I would consult the two brains. BLAIR would conger up a razzle dazzle display of propaganda, teenage angst, independent passions and verbose theatrics. While BETTY would calmly and mechanically display the possibilities of success, parental approval, social suicide and positive coercion.

On many occasions I remember calling upon the powers of Betty and Blair only to have them begin to duke it out mid mind choice. Leaving me to fend for my self in a haze of tumultuous doubt. But other times I could see them distinctly, as clear and separate compartments of choice. ( It is to be noted neither Betty nor Blair were ever able to be labeled as right or wrong, they just simply co-existed).

Over time though Blair began to pass into the infinitesimal abyss of my thoughts and memories. This is not to say that today Betty reins supreme in the mind of Tigan. She to was the recipient of change. In fact it might be safe to say that Betty also no long resides in my mind but rather something new and a little more me. But this morning for an instant as my mother and I shared a moment of mother daughter teenage reminiscence Betty and Blair reared their heads of stylishly coiffed curls, fists at the ready ... and I smiled!

*So maybe the next time your teenager is driving you crazy and they sit there staring at you blankly eyes glazed over as you reiterate... once again the importance of keeping the room clean. Stop and think ... Maybe their not really ignoring you, maybe their having their own internal Betty Blair Brain Battle! {wink} {wink};)

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  1. Tigan! thanks for posting thoughts like this, i need to hear this, really, it will be very helpful and comforting for a mother like me who has a teenager...

    you are a good woman.

  2. Tigan your so cute! I think deep down everyone has a Blair and Betty. I know I do! They don't have names but I know what you mean!


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