City Jargon & Thin Crust

Thursday, January 29, 2009

When one is in the city that never sleeps it is important to pay close attention to the ins and outs of local lingo. As an outsider you will already stick out like a sore thumb due to your puzzled expressions, public eye contact, mouths aghast and constant photo ops. It is important to know that without total compliance you might run the risk of complete native annihilation. When in Roma do as the Romans do but when in New York conform or get out. :)

Yesterday as Blake and I were on our way home from the city we over heard a fellow use the word "CONVERSATE" in a dialogue with a friend. I looked at Blake with a puzzled expression but he, never one to miss a beat smiled and proceeded to use the new found word in a sentence. It is important to know that the fellow also used the word "REMIX" and his sentence went a little something like this. " WE NEED TO CONVERSATE, I WANT TO GET UP ON THAT REMIX. "


Another important avenue of city life is PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. You should not only know how to use it but also how to avoid certain elements associated with it. When you enter the subway always have your card at the ready. If you enter a full platform do not necessarily run to the open gaps between bystanders. Many a time have I skipped gleefully to a vacant public space only to have drops of disgusting dirty subway ceiling water drip drip on my head. The side affects of said water have yet to be confirmed.


But by far the most important thing to remember, weather your are a veteran New Yorker or just a tourist. Make sure to fill up on cheap NYC Thin crust pizza and garlic Knots. Nothing hits the spot better than a good late night snack of Greasy Cheese, Buttery Garlic and Orange Fanta. Plus with all the walking you'll have no need to worry about the effects it will have on your body!


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  1. I am craving new york pizza soooo badly!!! yummy

  2. let me know if 'you betta check yo self before you reck yo self' is used in the nyc area!

  3. Hey Tigan!

    I am still at 3form. It's going really great! This year I will be halping with the Tradeshow designs and coordination. Too bad we won't be going to ICFF this year though, I would love to see New York!

    How are you and Blake doing? Do you love the city?? It seems like there are quite a few USU-ID Alumni in New York, do you see any of them often?
    It seems like there is so much to do there, it seems like riding the subways in itself is enteraining!


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