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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This year for mother's Day I went with English Garden. Maybe I was inspired by the recent royal wedding or maybe I just really really wanted a reason to rent the awesome life size Venus statue. Either way I'm pretty pleased with the out come. It was a very long day but some how at the end of it all when you wipe your brow and step back to admire your work it kinda just makes all the blood sweat and tears worth it. Also seeing as I'm not a photographer the pictures aren't the best but the majority of them are in focus. :)

Main Lobby

Main Landing

Stair Landing

The Dinning Room

Also a special shout out to our MUMS. Blake and I have great Mom's dare I say, the BEST...! This year my mom wanted a corsage call it silly a little old fashion or what you will but I had fun making it.
She wanted peonies which is not a flower very conducive to body flowers but what the MUM asks for the MUM gets. It had a mid day melt down but after a little TLC it lasted for a few more hours.

And one last picture of Venus because seriously she was so cool.

Happy Mother's Day to all and yes I know this post is like two weeks late but well such is life.


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