Lady & the Tramp- Babies 1st Halloween

Friday, November 07, 2014

I think it's clear that the Robinson's love Halloween. If you need proof visit some of our costumes from years past. Sweeny Todd, Waldo, Pop Art, Harry Potter, Mad Hatter.

This year however was special because it was baby Penn's 1st and probably the only year he'll let me dress him up as an adorable inanimate object. We went through a couple of ideas, Poppi, Olive and a can of spinach, Squints, Wendy Peppercorn and the Beast and then a couple months back while searching the web for ideas I came across this delightful costume.

It was perfect! And what goes better with spaghetti then Lady and the Tramp.  I pitched the idea to the hubby who was on the Poppi (fitness buff) bandwagon and he was less than enthused. I had to agree the idea of grownups dressing up like fluffy dog cartoons sounded dumb but the adorableness of Penn being spaghetti was to hard to pass up so I set to work brain storming some ideas to take cutesie cartoon dogs to human adults tastefully.

I wasn't interested in:
-Face paint

Then I stumbled upon an Etsy listing for a leather owl mask and I though by George it's perfect. But the leather animal masks weren't cheap coming in around a $100 bucks a pop. I also knew that a custom inquiry would run even steeper, I sunk into a pit of despair....

Actually as I usually do I get myself into something I want but can't afford and decide I probably have the skills to make that. So I You Tubed leather mask making. The results were slim but I was able to decipher the basic idea.

Wet leather is mold-able.

Here's what I did:

Measured out our facial dimensions, eyes, space from forehead to nose ect and I came up with these templates.

The blue lines indicated the measurements that match up with points on my face. Ex. sides of nose.

Then I cut these templates out of 6oz leather with an Exacto knife. I ran the blade gently through the leather on the details as to not cut all the way through.

The molding of leather is actually pretty easy. I wet the leather and used a cheap face mask as a form. I used the form to get a basic shape and the blow dryer to set it. then I would just mold, test (on my face) blow dry until I had formed the mask into the shape I wanted. 

 Then it was just a matter of paint and a few details (eyelashes, nose)

And Voila
 For the rest of the costume I bought clothes I would wear again in the colors of Lady and the same for Mr. Robinson's Tramp

You can purchase Lady's skirt HERE.

After Mr. Robinson saw the masks he was pretty pumped about the costumes and really after I put Penn in his spaghetti outfit who could say No to this bundle of adorableness...
 Not I said the dog ;)

Happy Halloween!


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  1. Oh my gosh. the cutest thing ever! So creative!

  2. Hi!

    My daughter and I LOVE your Lady mask. She has become a huge fan this past summer when my husband and I introduced her to some of the old disney movies we grew up with. Anyhow, she wants to be Lady for this Halloween and we are having a difficult time finding anything that looks like Lady. We found your website and she quickly fell in love with your mask. We just ordered the skirt that you provided a link to. I was wondering if you sell masks or are willing to make one for my 10 year old? If so, let me know how much? Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. I wish I was as crafty as you are. Thanks again.

  3. Perfect! How did you make the spaghetti costume? It's the greatest thing ever! :) I don't think I'm crafty enough to make the masks! You did an awesome job :)

  4. Hi Tammy, thanks for commenting. Unfortunately I don't make the masks for sale. I'm not sure I'd even be confident enough in my handy work to do so. You might try etsy as they seem to be pretty crafty over there 😉

  5. The spagetti costume was just a mop with some yarn pom poms for meatballs. There was some sewing involved as I stiched all the mop fibers onto a collar that could be button around his neck. The hat was made from the mop, felt and heavy interfacing. I attched it to a cream beanie which I made. Truthfully the masks were easier. 😂 Good Luck

  6. Hi Tigan! How did you do the bowl/place mat?

  7. Can you tell me where you bought the leather? Thank you?


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