Sweeny Todd & Mrs. Lovett

Monday, November 02, 2009


Blake & Tigan * Picture Credit: Chelsi Mae Photography

I know I promised How-To instructions but boy this was a lot more complicated than I originally thought. So I will just give you a little insight and point you in the right direction. At first I thought I could just use some existing clothes and then just dye and paint them for the desired effect.

So I got some Rit Navy Blue Dye.

And Dyed me some blue clothes.

For Blake's costume I thought I could just paint the stripes on like we did last year for our Wheres Waldo costumes. But alas imperfect stripes spoke to the perfectionist in me and.... So I scratched the whole idea except for one navy blue dyed shirt and bought some fabric. I cut up the clothes that I had originally bought from savers and used them as my patterns. So with several lengths of red ribbon and a couple days we had ourselves a...


Where did I get my quality striped tights? Check Here they come in every color under the sun.

Notice Blake's Straight Razor $5 from Ebay.

And no Sweeny Todd is complete with out a Johnny Depp wig and a little Tim Burton inspired make-up.


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  1. Tigan these costumes turned out greast!!!!

  2. We remember your Waldo costumes. These are great, too! Good job! We miss you guys! Glad to know all is well with you both out there.

  3. I love love love this idea! Very original! You guys look great!


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