Black Friday Awesomeness!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blake and I are traditional Black Friday participants. In years past we have even gone just for the fun of it. Ya I know CRAZY!!! But that's how much I love getting a good deal. I attribute my extreme deal hunting skills to my grandma.

When I was younger my Grandma would take me out every year shopping for my birthday. I was given the allotted $50 and told I could get whatever I wanted as long as it fit into my $50 dollar budget. I always got the same thing... CLOTHES. While the merchandise of choice never changed the amount of clothing I came home with did.

The first year I bought the most beautiful pink skort and plaid blouse and as my wanting eyes waited for my grandmother to hand over my nifty birthday fifty she warned that while the outfit was trendy and cute it was only 1 outfit and would cost my whole birthday allowance. I then distinctly remember telling my grandma that I didn't care how much it cost because it was the most perfect outfit in the whole world and despite its singular oneness I would wear it until the day I died and therefore it was worth every penny. SHE LET ME BUY IT and I wore it until skorts went out of style which since most of you probably have no clue what the heck I am talking about wasn't very long.

In the years that followed I discovered that while trendy was fun it didn't last very long and it sure cost a whole lotta money and that if you bought items on sale you could not only get more for your money but the adventure of finding the best bang for your buck was so much more fulfilling.

Now when I go shopping I make a metal list of all the things that I like or want and assign them a vale of worth ranging form 1-5. If I really like the item then I put it in my cart and wheel it around the store as I browse putting it through my next mental list of requirements.

- How long has it been on the floor?
- How much is it really worth?
- Is it on sale?
- How many are left?
- Can I make it myself for less?

Before I reach the check out stand I make my final decision. If I really like it but it doesn't pass the test I leave it for another day and check back often until it goes on sale. I rarely ever buy anything full price unless the item is so very unique that I feel I may never be able to find another like it and my life might possibly be altered without purchasing that exact item (I'm just kidding LOL).

Anyways, WOW that was a really long story to get to my point of how I JUST PLAIN LOVE A GOOD SALE! And well, this Black Friday was no exception... so for your viewing pleasure a few Black Friday videos.


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