Mexican Brothel

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sorry we've been outta touch.... I know you've missed me
{Wink Wink}

We moved into this really cute old building with tons of quirky historical character. I know what your probably thinking... you're thinking by quirky I mean scary, drafty and dirty. Well on first glance you might just think that but after a little deep cleaning face lift and few coats of new polish she looked almost like new. Well after a couple tries!


Designer Tip#1: Don't try and save money by gong to Home Depo and having them match your Benjamin Moore color swatch deck. No matter what they say it's never gong to be close.

Designer Tip #2: Don't paint really old apartments with home spun textured walls in crazy extravagant high lighter green colors. It makes your kitchen look like a cheap Mexican Brothel!

Designer Tip #3: If the previous 50 years of tenants painted over the original decorative door knobs and face plates. By all means buy some paint stripper and give your antique beauty a little class. You might just discover some real treasures.

Ours turned out to be brass and after a little polish they sparkled like new! So if you happen to be in SLC any time soon stop by we'd love a visit.

P.S. We re-painted the kitchen. It's now a lovely shade of sweet pear!

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  1. Congratulations on your new place! You are so brave to use bright colored paint...I am such a whimp when it comes to paint!


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