A Harry Halloween (PART I)

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

To say Blake and I LOVE Halloween might be an understatement. This year we went as Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange from one of Blakes' favorite movies/books Harry Potter. We have always been Potter fans. The summer we spent in Paris the 7th Book was released. We walked all over that city looking for and English copy and you bet your button we found one and we read that book cover to cover and in 2 days. 

We usually pick our Halloween ideas about 6 month in advance yep we're crazy like that. Really it's because I'm crazy and cheap so it takes me that long to scour up/make all the elements for a costume. This year was particularly difficult because basically Blakes whole costume was make-up effects. Which ok I know how to put on eyeliner but we were talking prosthesis. So I thought to myself how hard can it be?...and I researched like crazy! 

That's when I found out this.....
Ralph Finnes' Voldemort face was mostly done it after effects. They chopped off his nose with a computer! Whaaaaat.  So now we were recreating the impossible what was a girl to do. 

Enter Etsy...
I found this seller PM and D who low and behold she makes prosthetic at really reasonable prices. so I asked her to make me a Voldemort nose or lack there of and she agreed. Since I had been working on this costume now for several months it would be safe to say I was a bit of a fanatic. I sent this poor women like 20 emails, videos and pictures detailing out what I wanted. 

She came up with this.
PM and D
From the image it looked pretty darn good so I had it shipped post hast.  However when we got it it didn't work so great. My knowledge about prosthetic adhesion was small. I couldn't get the edges to blend out and since it was molded to a standard head it just didn't really fit Blake or look remotely close to VOLDY. 

I was pretty defeated at this point and then I thought to myself YOU. ARE. A. COLLEGE. EDUCATED. WOMEN. (because design has so much to do with special effects makeup) Make it happen.

So...... I got some GLUE!
Ben Nye Liquid Latex, Kryolyn Pros Aide,  Ben Nye Spirit Gum, Washable Glue Stick
A Lot of Makeup

The best drug store Foundation Loreal True Match

 A little magic and.....

It's not perfect by any stretch and I was a little disappointed by the nose, but ya know for my crash course in special effects I'd say it turned out  pretty good.

  I got the Dark Mark Tattoos on Ebay along with both of our replica wands. I painted and sculpted the finger nails to match the ones in the movie (Possibly the best part of Halloween was watching Blake try to use his hands with finger nails either that or him trying to eat with no nose holes for breathing.)

If I were to do it again I think I might shell out the big bucks and try one of these prosthetic.



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  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Those turned out AMAZING!!!!! You are so talented :)


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