A Harry Halloween (PART II)

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Bellatrix Lestrange
I didn't go for an exact replica a of Bellatrix. I really wanted to play with texture so after purchasing the 1950's vintage black velvet opera cloak from Ebay. I added a lace top from Ross and lace fingerless gloves from Hot Topic. The leather Bustier also came from Ebay and the skirt was thrifted for 4 bucks.  The necklace was pricey since it was a replica bird skull of the one used in the movie you can find it here
This was the first year in my lifetime of Halloweens that I went as something evil..... IT. WAS. AWESOME. 

In the movie Bellatrix has really minimal makeup.
I wanted to glam it up a bit. So I used a lot of bruise colored shadows. grey, browns, plums. I carried that onto my nails with this plumy lovely called.

Devil's Advocate
And the Jewel of the look, I splurged and purchased this deep brownish/plum Lipstick from YSL. 

Hello Gorgeous!
Yes I know it's dark but it is seriously one of my favorite colors right now. I saw this lipstick video a while back by one of my favorite makeup artists Lisa Eldridge and I just knew I had to try something similar.

 I also had her neck tattoo which looks like this. But you can't see it in any of the pics.

 Hottest Couple EVER!


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  1. I always look forward to this post every year! It makes my Halloween so much better because you always look jaw-dropping, and I think you should win a prize!


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