Holiday Tips & Tricks #1

Monday, December 05, 2011

In advance I apologies for my lack of film making skills and for the fact that the video has several things out of focus but have no fear a few pictures to follow that will hopefully clear any fuzziness right up.

Hallmark Hooks

Hallmark also carries hooks which can accommodate groupings of 3 ornaments at a time. Brilliant.

 Zip Ties

 Lights hanging under the branch.
 I usually snip my zip ties off with wire cutters it's just easier for me but you can also use scissors.
 There you have it barely even noticeable.

 Custom Tree Stand
Have you thought about ditching your tree skirt. If you have here's any easy way to turn an inexpensive container into the perfect custom tree stand.

 So in advance I started taking pictures of this after I had tested to see if I could cut the metal with bolt cutters. That is why mine already looks cut, so with that you'll need..... Bolt Cutters, Sharpie, Rock Salt.
It's a really quick project. Measure your original tree stand to the size of your container. Make some cut marks with a sharpie. 

Snip the ends off according to your measurement lines.

 Test it to make sure it fits snugly make adjustments where needed. Add some Rock Salt to weigh the bottom of the container down for a little added safety.

And there you have it easy pi-easy. Stay tuned for some more holiday tips and tricks.

Merry Christmas Lovelies,

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