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Friday, December 30, 2011

Remember this?

 I re-posting it because my DIY story is an entry into the $5,000 GE Appliance Giveaway from  Hello pick me!  I could totally use 5 thousand smackers in GE appliances. I'm not sure this is my proudest DIY creation. I've done a lot and I reserve the right to like them all equally but it is definitely one of my favorites. Since I last posted about the duvet we finished the bed. Yep built that with my own 2 hands, well and Blake's too so it's more like 4 hands, but more on that later.
 This little beauty has been getting a lot of press. Which in advance thanks a million times over for spreading the DIY love. She's been showcased on several other blogs and is a big hit on Pinterest! If you'd like to read more about why I decided to try my hand at the infamous kissing pleat duvet you can read about it here.

This is how I got started

"I scoured the Internet for a pintuck tutorial and found this. Unfortunately I didn't want the twist method I wanted the tuck method (Insert Blake laughing as I tried showing him the obvious difference between the two) trust me they look different. So off I went to Anthropologie to purchase a $56 GASP pillow sham so I could recreate this elusive technique. After a little analysis I discovered it was  EASY, CRAZY EASY. However it's also time consuming, CRAZY TIME CONSUMING and that's why they charge you an arm and a leg."

As always if you want instructions on how to create your own kissing pleat/pintuck duvet you can check out the details here.

"I couldn't be more pleased with the way mine turned out. Would I do it again?... that remains to be seen. 123 pintucks + 123 buttons is a lot for a girl who hates to do 2 reps of push ups, but I would definitely pay someone to do it for me {wink wink}. Here's hoping it lasts until I can afford to do so."

I'm happy to report that she's holding up like a champ! Not a single rip or tear. Which is brilliant, I held my breath every time I sat on it for about a month but seriously it's crazy durable. {knock on wood} 3 days after I finished the duvet Isabella decided it was her personal bed. I was out for the afternoon and when I got home I found that she had chewed 3 lovely delphinium blue buttons off. Lets just say the  hand of god may or may not have come down and smote her...LITERALLY. She sat in timeout for the remainder of the afternoon, while I sewed on 3 new buttons. She gave me her extra pouty face every time I passed her in the time out corner but a girl has to stand her ground. We eventually made up  and I'm happy to report she no longer fraternizes with the bed sheets. :)

In other news, the duvet is now sporting a fluffy faux fur throw courtesy of the hubby for christmas, which I love.
 So yay for contests and fun DIY projects! If you have a Do-It-Yourselfed something you are super proud of you should definitely check the contest out. It ends tonight so times a wasting.


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