SeRiOuSlY.... Diapers

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

When we decided to get dogs we thought to ourselves. This is a good idea it will teach us responsibility, compassion and a little patients... good practice for future endeavors. But after a year and a half of cleaning up doggie messes of pooh, pee and barf. Overturned trash cans repeated lectures of No, don't do that, stop whining and NOW diaper wearing Isabella (because we forgot to get her spayed... Ahhhh) I find myself wanting to run for the hills. We got dogs because we didn't want to have any kids yet, plus it sounded fun and now I find that the dogs I BOUGHT myself might just be tougher then the kids I would have BORN myself! When I tell my mom about everything my silly bulldogs do she just laughs and says kids would have been easier. Somehow I think she might have been right (Yes, mom that was just documented in writing) So between Toulouse singing at the top of his lungs to the MO-TAB CD on Sundays (so much for the spirit) and re-diapering Isabella's booty 20 times a day as she scampers beneath the bed. I think next time I see a cute little puppy face staring at me through the pet shop window I'll turn to Blake smile and say Isn't that so cute how about some earrings!

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