A Little Graphic Design

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things I've been working on lately....

A Birthday card for Grandma Brown

A logo for my Dad and the other set builders of Show Boat.

*I must really have been into cream when I was designing these!

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  1. Hi Tigan came across your blog..i love thaT GRAPHIC DESIGN--THE ONE YOU MADE FOR YOUR GRANDMA...WOW!

  2. okay so this is jen williams slash jen paul and you have the cutest blog ever!! so it looks like you guys are having such the fun time out there. okay so next point is, i have decieded to become a better blogger and blog more than once a year but mine is private so can i have your email address to invite you?

  3. Hi Blake and Tigan- I really enjoy keeping up with you guys on your blog. Douglas and I are coming down to New York this weekend and were hoping to meet up with you guys and Mark and Heidi. We were hoping for Friday night for dessert. Hopefully we will see you soon.


  4. love your showboat one Tigan! It's gorgeous!


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