5th Avenue

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Last Christmas we received a gift called City Walks which we have been putting to good use. This weekend we did Fifth Ave and FAO Schwartz. Blake was really excited because the Mac Store is right next to FAO and I was excited because Henri Bendel was having an 80% off store wide sale. Sadly Bendel's was still to pricey for me and Blake resisted his urges to go-apple. but we did oogle the solitaires at Tiffany's and snag a snapshot with Batman.

Also this is... showing off his snazzy new coat. Even the man behind the MAC Makeup counter at Bendel's liked it. He even asked were he could find himself one. ( Blake was very proud:)

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  1. Did you do the big New York style New Year? I looked for you in the crowd on TV.

  2. We got the City Walks with Kids version last year for Christmas, but have only done a few so far. I hope to do more soon...but maybe not till it's a little bit warmer... :)


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