A Little Bit Ironic

Sunday, December 14, 2008

So a couple of days ago I was reading a friends blog. They had been debating weather or not to make their blog private. In the Discussion they had attached a link to an article about blog safety. I clicked on the link and proceeded to read the story. Which consisted of a picture being stolen off the family blog and altered graphically to make their son look like Hitler or some Nazi creep. The family then began received mean comments on their blog about the sons picture. The article later revealed that the picture had been stolen by a family member who obviously was Crazy(the article did not say that I interpreted the craziness on my own). After reading the article I sat their thinking to my self Seriously that would never happen to me. I then proceeded to tell Blake how it would be a 1 in a billion chance that someone somewhere in the world would find our blog out of so many and use it for evil.....
So yesterday I was listening to music on my blog Which happens often and I noticed a comment on my post about my snowflake stocking for Christmas. This made me very excited and I clicked on it with haste. The comment read." I saw this on Tip Junkie and I have to say these are the best stockings I've seen! I love LOVE them, so elegant." While the comment was very very nice and made me happy I had no idea what the"tip junkie" was and why my stocking was on it. So I did a google search and found this...
The tip junkie is a blog that showcases woman's crafts.While I enjoy the concept and the people who are involved on the blog seem very nice it still made me slightly uncomfortable. Not to mention I felt a little stupid because I had just told Blake how utterly impossible it was that someone out of the clear blue would found our blog and take one of our pictures. I guess I should be glad my stocking was not showcased as a Nazi stocking. The tip junkie did give me credit for the stocking which was good however she did provide a direct link to my blog for everyone and their dog to enjoy. I know what your thinking But, Tigan Your blog isn't Private and anyone can on any given day view your post. I know I know I guess I just feel that the tip Junkie should have asked permission to showcase my craft. Any who enough said.

P.S. I assume it's quite possibly that one of our blog views submitted the stockings to tip junkie because they are very sweet and had very good intentions. If that is the case, I am not at all angry and I appreciate the fact that you thought my little stocking was worthy of such a compliment!)

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