It's Begining to Look a Lot Like Chanukah

Friday, December 12, 2008

Here in our little corner of Brooklyn we're getting ready for the Holiday Season. Even Kings highway "Main Street" has been given a holiday face lift. Due to the overwhelming population of the Jewish faith in our area, this year instead of a trees or Santa..... we've got Menorahs and snowflakes. I think they threw in the snowflakes to cover all the based (way to be politically correct!) Even the shops lining the highway have tiny Menorahs in their display windows that really light up.

However the area directly around our apartment
must be the black sheep in the family because the house down the street is sporting some serious Christmas lights and our lovely Russian Super Jeff has decked out our lobby with all the
trimmings. We even joined in the spirit of things and finally put up our tiny charlie brown tree. We sold all of our tables before we moved out here. so we had to stack some boxes for our little beauty!

Last year I bought all of these beautiful ornaments at the crazy after Christmas sales at Tia Pan in Utah. I still have the scares to prove it.
(picture grown women beating each other with tinsel and ribbons in order to snatch the last set of plum ornaments) So Sadly due to the fact that
these ornaments are huge and our tree is so small
they will not be making an appearance this year. But we did find a spot for our Willow Tree Nativity.

This nativity has been accumulating pieces for the
last couple of years. My mom has been giving me
parts of the Nativity set every year for Christmas.
This year the Wiseman are making their first
debut. Just so you know, it has been fun to have a different kind of Christmas this year and a lot of the shops are also show casing Christmas Trees as well as Menorahs. Anything to bring up holiday sales RIGHT ;)

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