Friday, December 12, 2008

Blake has been studying his brains out in preparation for the GMAT. Which he will be taking next Saturday. Blake is apply to the MBA program at London Business School. I could tell has was feel a bit tuckered out and that we were in some definite need of a little British Inspiration. So I pulled out the cook books combined a few recipes and added a little here and a little there and POOF we had our very own London Cornish Pasty.

A couple of summers ago we past threw London as we were touring through Europe. I was feeling a bit home sick for refrigerated milk and American food and then a delicious wafting of chicken and vegetables drifted past our noses. We followed the smell to the source were we found these...
They are similar to a portable pot pie or if you really want to dumb it down "hot pockets" (which are disgusting). They are also a really great thing to take for lunch in the big city. (small and portable) Of course London Pastys were a bit more delicately crafted, but hey they have had decades to prefect the art I had like what... an hour and no recipe!


The Pasty originated in Cornwall (Southwest England) and can be traced as far back as the 1200’s. The Cornish Pasty was baked by the wives and mothers of tin miners during what was once a thriving industry. Pasties were made with a thick crimped edge along one side for holding onto while eating. This was useful because oftentimes a miners fingertips would be covered in arsenic from the mines. The crimp, or handle so to speak, could simply be discarded when they were done. The crusts were never wasted as many miners were believers in ghosts or "knockers" that inhabited the mines and left these crusts to keep the ghosts content. One end of the pasty would usually contain a sweet filling which their wives would mark or initial so that the miner
wouldn't eat his dessert first while the other end would
contain meat and vegetables.

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