Christmas Eve

Thursday, December 25, 2008

This year for Christmas we were away from our families. So Blake and I thought for Christmas Eve Dinner it would be fun to invite the missionaries. So we asked them at church on Sunday and told them to arrive at 6:30 sharp for a rockin good time! On our walk home from church that day Blake and I were discussing our upcoming festivities for the Christmas season and I realized we had no table to feed the Missionaries upon. The more I pondered this thought The more I thought about other essential things we always had on Christmas Eve in my home growing up. You know what I mean besides the scrumptious food Christmas eve always had a well decorated table with all the trimmings, and we had NO TABLE and NO MONEY To buy the trimmings. The next day was Monday and as I walked down Kings Highway I noticed a store was going out of business. (I always love a good sale). The store was filled with the strangest assortment of merchandise. As I wandered down the aisle my mind started a turning and I began noticing Items that I could use to decorate for our Christmas Eve dinner. (by this time we had decided to use our bedroom door as the table.) Some Doilies and cellophane a white shower curtain for the table cloth. A discounted set of white icicle lights. some silver napkin rings and 3 sterling silver platters. I took all my treasures to counter and they rang up to a whopping $10.95!!!

so without further adieu our

The Chandelier

The Table Setting

The Food
Blake and I cooked all Christmas Eve Day. Our menu consisted of a combination of tradition foods from booth our families. We called home to get them just right and we even added our own little twist.

Cheesy Potatoes/ Green Salad with homemade ranch

Smoked Ham/ Orange Rolls

Pink Punch:)

Happy Missionaries

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  1. I love the chandelier! I can't believe what a masterpiece you created with only 10$!!!

  2. Holy moly, Tigan! That chandelier is fantastic. When you get back from NY perhaps Jason and I can enlist you and your design expertise for a little 1922 SLC bungalow consultation--for a fee, of course.
    Also, while you and Blake are in NY, maybe you can head over to Katz Deli (205 E Houston St) for THE BEST pastrami sandwich ever. I suggest you share it because it's huge and don't forget the pickles on the side. I want to hear all about it.

  3. That is amazing! You are a super decorator Tigan!


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