Our Neighbors Think We Beat Him

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

On occasion Toulouse tends to get a little constipated. Which generally wouldn't be much of a problem besides the obvious discomfort for Toulouse. However his run of the mill constipation commonly in tales ear splinting shrieks and while we do feel just awful for him think of how it makes ME look.

I go out to take him for a walk and every 2ft or so he screams so loud that the neighbors come out of their houses to see whats the matter. When I tell them he's just constipated they stand there looking at me in disbelief until mid-conversation Toulouse lets out another terrible screech completely untouched.

I know it seems a little bit insensitive to post the video but I promise he's just fine now. Plus when is the last time you can actually say you saw a dog SCREAM. This was this morning after his walk. He decided he was still a bit constipated and put HIMSELF in the bathtub for a little private time.

* I tell him to get back in because.... well, he made a mess and I didn't want him to get it o the floor. I know I'm such mean pet owner!

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