A little Christmas Spirit

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

This past weekend we had the opportunity to watch the Salt Lake City Children's Choir sing at The Cathedral of The Madeline. The concert was free to the public although I'm not sure very many people knew about it since it didn't seem extremely well attended. Anyhow we really enjoyed ourselves and if we are still here next Christmas we'll defiantly make it a tradition.

We also finally got some of our Christmas decorations up and I actually got to use some of the decorations I have been collecting for the past couple of years. (sorry the pictures are kind of crummy)

Also if you noticed I have a different Nativity. I sold my other Willow Tree Nativity on KSL and used the money to buy the bigger version that came out last year. I liked it not just because of the size but also because Mary and Joseph were a lot more colorful and seemed just a bit happier. This version doesn't have nearly as many pieces but I'm hoping the artist will add more as the years go by.

Oh and I bought the stocking hangers at Target but I haven't quite yet decided what to put in them. Any thoughts?


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  1. I like that nativity better than than the other Willow Tree one. I also LOVE the garland that you have around it! All the colors are very pretty!

  2. I love your nativity! I'm so jealous you have a fireplace!! It makes winter so much for cozy! Not to mention you get to hang stocking!!!
    We live really close to the Madeline School in the Avenues, is that were you went for the concert? I would have loved to go! How did you hear about it?


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