So You Think You Can Dance?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Our down stairs neighbors are probably going to kill us for this but as many of you might not know I made the Kiss Me Kate ensemble at RMT. (I know I said I didn't but I think someone dropped out so they asked me to fill in) I am really excited to be in the cast however when I auditioned someone forgot to mention that this is a pretty major dance show! DANCE!!!! AHHH!!!


Trust me I'm not just trying to be modest. My Mom always says I must have just stood in the great hair line to long in heaven that by the time I got to the groove line he was just plain out. Which is just a nice way of saying I haven't got a groovin' bone in my body. To make matters worse I married an awesome dancer. He can pop and lock, country swing, waltz do crazy flips. I'm lucky if I can sway back and forth to the music. And so what does all of this add up to you ask... zero dance confidence! SO I decided it's about high time to get myself some and no better time then in a super dancy show and a little song called SOME LIKE IT HOT!

I know right!

And who better to help me step up my dancing talent than my very talented husband so... we pushed all the furniture out of the living room.

And danced until we could dance no more!

So long ZERO dancing ability and HELLO...



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