Night on the Town

Sunday, December 13, 2009

So last night Tigan and I went to Keys on Main in downtown SLC with our friends Clay and Jen who were down from Logan for the day. When I was looking for something to do I earlier in the day I saw that there was this guitarist with a weird name playing at keys on main so I thought it would be fun to go see. Turns out the guitarists name was Orianthi and she's kind of a big deal, she was hand picked by the late Michael Jackson to be the guitarist for his new tour, is from Adelaide Australia, and has a song on the radio right now entitled According To You. I captured some video from the concert and it was pretty freaking amazing what this 5 ft nothin girl could do with a PRS (that's a brand of guitar) and she can even sing pretty well... Enjoy the bootleg videos!

Before I make this next statement let me say for the record that I love my wife, she is as hot as they come, amazing, talented and more than any man on earth deserves...... that said, seeing Orianthi shred on an electric guitar was perhaps the hottest thing I have ever seen a woman do in my entire life.

It was an awesome night for all and just goes to show you that "yes" fun can be had in downtown Salt Lake City

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