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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On Wednesday I was invited to go on a private tour of the United Nations {ya, I'm that cool}:) A member of our ward is neighbors with a women that interprets there. Gena(The Interpreter) was from Lebanon and she spoke both French and Arabic.
If you have ever had the chance to visit, you were probably surprised by it's lack luster interiors. I felt like I had walked straight into the 70's popcorn ceilings.. asbestos and all! Gena said that up until now they had refused to update but a remodel is in the works starting next year.

Since the worlds topics are represented with in the walls of the UN. They had great country gifts which included many types of sculptures and art work. A FEW EXAMPLES...

If you worked at the UN you would probably say something very profound here at the media/press flag area and have it featured on CNN.

Then you might hurry to your next meeting that could be held here...

In the SECURITY COUNCIL .... I believe Gena said that the president of the security council changes monthly this month it's Japan. (This space is NOT in your stand UN tour)
Next we went to the GENERAL ASSEMBLY. In the General assembly all countries are equal.

Everyone gets one vote no matter if your a giant country or a teeny tiny Island like...

(my parents and I lived on this Island while my Dad was in vet school)

If you were an INTERPRETER you would work here.

Ya it really is this ghetto!

Did You Know:
-They really filmed the interpreter in the UN. {and according to Gena was pretty inaccurate}

-They still allow smoking inside.

-They do a lot of talkin' but not alot of doin'

-This graph shows over spending on weapons. The giant RED area is how much the world spends on weapons a year and the PINK CIRCLE highlights how much is spent on education!

Words of Advice from
The UN...

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  1. What an awesome opportunity! That is crazy that they allow smoking in there... I thought there was a law in America about that!

  2. Hi Tigan! I found your blog through Cherry's blog! It was sure fun to take the UN with you! I hope you don't mind if I steal some of your photos (and descriptions) for our blog too? We forgot our camera! See ya at church!


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