The Magnolia Bakery

Sunday, February 01, 2009

This Friday we met up with a couple of Blake's cousins and their spouses at The Magnolia Bakery. We had a really fun time just talking, catching up and telling funny stories. The bakery had great treats. Blake tried a lime cheese cake while I tried some of there famous Snickers Ice Box Pie. When we asked another bakery patron to take our pictures they asked if we were in a book club or something. I guess the image does kind of look like we are all chilling in someones kitchen talking about old times and good books. Thanks for the Invite Melissa and Douglas!

The Snickers Ice Box Pie


The Magnolia bakery opened in July 1996. They had three employees and they offered four kinds of bread along with both cinnamon rolls and whole wheat maple walnut rolls.During the first week of operation making bread proved to be impractical due to time and space constraints. So they changed to baking cakes and pastries. Allysa (one of the co-owners) would stay late into the night frosting the cakes and testing recipes. The cupcakes were Allysa's brainchild. When they would make 6" coconut cakes (instead of the usual 9"), there was extra batter going to waste. Thus, the cupcakes were born in early fall of 1996.

The bakery originally only offered vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream icing tinted pink. They were baked in the afternoons and iced at night when the bakery was officially closed. City dwellers would wander by late at night and beg for just a cupcake even though the bakery was closed.

Magnolia Bakery was originally envisioned as just a nice little neighborhood bakery that would be open from about 8am-6pm. That plan changed quickly due to high demand. The bakery is now open most days of the week until midnight. In 2008 the store at 200 Columbus Avenue had over 300 special orders for Thanksgiving and the day before.

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  1. And now I really want to go there. Yum!

  2. It's wonderful you guys were able to get together in New York City! Good times with cousins, just like the good old days!
    aunt julie


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