HaPPy! VaLeNtInEs! DaY!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I don't particularly love Valentines Day maybe it's because it's been turned into a huge cop-out holiday were women happily accept week old wilted grocery store flowers and hideously over stuffed teddy bears with I love you statement, push tummies. Maybe I hate Valentines Day because I'm not extremely outwardly lovey. (I have been deemed the worst hugger of all time... limp dead fish stance included). However I do have to say that since meeting Blake my day of love has improved by at least ten fold. It's not just that I have a perma valentines date or that Blake saves the traditional bouquet flowers for ordinary days of the year when I really might need a pick me up. But that Blake always seems to go that extra valentine mile. When we were engaged he planned a treasure hunt to all the memorable places we had dated. One year he booked a quaint shabby chic bed and breakfast complete with Audrey Hepburn movies and midnight hot chocolate! This year he once again restored my faith in the day of love with my own special ode to Tigan.


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  1. It is so sad how we lost touch of each other and that I know nothing of your life anymore. But.... I took a little look at your blog and I remember how dang cute you are and how sweet your husband is. The movie is so cute! Have a little faith in Valentines it's great to remember why we fall in love. Hope you are doing well and happy February!


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