Thursday, February 05, 2009

On Tuesday evening Blake asked me to meet him in the city for a surprise. Well I love a good surprise, especially when it's for me. When I got to the city Blake walked me down a couple of block until we arrived here..

A beautiful luxury French chocolate shop. Blake knows that not only do I love sweets but I love lovely chic sweet shops. The walls were a deep velvet red accented in a gold wainscoting. The seating had a choice of paired mahogany cafe tables and Queen Anne chairs or crimson silk button tufted benches. The air smelled like chocolate and they were playing a montage of Edith Piaf music in the back ground! (Good Job Blake) They offered us samples of there designer chocolates. We tried white chocolate with pistachios and white chocolate with orange zest and almonds... yummy

I had a really fun time. It's important if you visit to know that the hot chocolate is really really European(it kind of tastes like bitter dark chocolate chips mixed with milk) so don't go expecting Stephens Hot Coco. Also the sizes are European. So if you order a small you will get a...

Me examining my tiny purchase.

MarieBelle's signature line of chocolates combine the finest chocolate, eclectic ingredients and artisanal techniques, creating nothing less than works of art. Named after Maribel Lieberman, designer and founder, the chocolates resemble semiprecious jewels as displayed in their beautiful boxes. Everything about MarieBelle New York is haute couture, with a timeless style that feels classic and contemporary. Giving a treasure of chocolate has never been this fashionably correct.

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog! It's good to see what you guys are up to. Your picture at the top is awesome! Our blog is private but I think you are on the list, if not, email me. I hope you guys are doing great!


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