Cara Visits

Monday, February 09, 2009

Blake's sister Cara came to visit us this weekend. We don't often get to see Cara and her family because they live in South America. Cara is a very talented Jewelry Maker/Crafter. She makes beautiful elegant piece of art often from found or recycled items. Recently she has been having a lot of success with her handmade dolls.
These and other "Beautiful Garbage" can be purchased at her website The Recycled Life or on Etsy.

In Fact you can actually visit the Etsy Handmade
revolution here in Brooklyn. But it is in a kinda scary part of town so take a buddy when you head out for Monday night craft night!

Unfortunately Etsy wasn't open on Saturday but Blake did give us a great show on the plastic guide dog statue in the quad at Polytechnic University.

Then we head over to Hell's Kitchen in search of new old treasures. The Annex flea market is held every Saturday in a closed to traffic area on 39Th street between 10Th and 11Th avenue. The Annex was a real treat. I had to have Blake hold me back when we passed a couple of amazing end tables.

I think Cara really enjoyed her self she purchased some great antique cutlery. We had a really fun weekend. Maybe next time Blake and I will take a visit to South America. 80 degree tropical weather sounds nice right about now!

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