Trip To Utah

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Packed And Ready To Go
5 hour flights aren't nearly as bad with FREE TV and unlimited snacks.

Mom and I @ Good Things Utah

That night we went to Show Boat... where my brother showcased his amazin' singin'and actin' skills and made all the girls in Layton swoon.

The Amazing Race

We had nine couples compete in our Amazing Race.  Blake and I spent all day planning and mapping out the course through out Layton. Unfortunately I think we planned a little to well and some of the couples were unable to decode the clues and we had to give them a little help. But the winning team did walk away with 90 big ones!

The Newest Heart Throb in L Town

Blake and I even got to go eat lunch with Mckay at his elementary school cafeteria. Boy did that bring back some memories. McKay assured me that Sloppy Joe's and Cheese Sticks were definitely the way to go, but I told him I'd stick with my homemade PB&Honey sandwich.

We even got to spent some time with Blake's family. They came all the way down from Colorado to spend a couple days with us. Blake's Dad showed us around one of his favorite stores in alpine Cabela's. Being the extreme Nature Queen that I am Scott made sure to take an extra minute or two and explain all the different types of river fish Cabela's had stocked in their aquarium.

Dinner @ Javier's

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  1. oh what a fun trip! I am glad you guys got to come home for a fun visit...what an awesome idea to do an Amazing Race game. I am totally addicted to that show!


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