OH HaPpY DaY oF BiRtH!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A special thanks to the...
Ting Tings
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The 80's
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Orange Leggings

Here's to Blake on his special day!

I'm not much for public sappy monologues, but today is a special day so I'm going to break out of my comfort zone of saucy antics and go with something a little bit more heart warming.

When we lived back in Logan Blake worked at a local gym and about once a year the gym would put on a completion. We'll call it "The Biggest Loser" Anyway Blake was assigned to train a group of men and women for a period of ten weeks. Obviously the general reality show rules applied to the local competition and although the monetary reward was of lesser value then the actual show the contestant were no less determined or want some. On the first day of the competition Blake spent countless hours of his personal time interview each contestant. He wanted to know their worries, fears, dreams and goals, but most of all he wanted to earn their trust.

During the 10 weeks I would pop by the gym just to say hi or to drop off a bite to eat. And there was Blake, group trainer, center stage sweaty and positive. Not only was Blake's name synonymous with the words " wow, what a hottie" followed by " Is he single?" but also with phrases like "I feel better about myself" and " He makes me feel like I can accomplish my goals."

When Blake's group was losing in the group relay swim Blake jumped in with his team and breath stoked right along with them. And all though Blake team never won the cash prize I believe his team walked away with something more than the ability to make healthier choice but with the confidence to be better people. And that's a prize you can't buy with money.

To this day I'm not sure that Blake know how many lives he changed in that competition and the others that followed, but I do know that whether Blake has personally motivated you or just simply brighten your day with a heartfelt hello we're all better on this day, his special day to have known him.

Happy Birthday

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  1. Amen! Having been on Blake's team in those competitions twice (and remembering the swim challenge very well) I can very happily say that I am better for having been the recipient of his time, knowledge, and kindness. I wish he had been here for the last one (and the next one). It's just not quite the same without his enthusiasm! Thanks, Blake--and happy birthday.

    And thanks, Tigan, for sharing him with us. I know those competitions were time consuming for the trainers.



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