Grandma's Got a Gold Mine in Her Basement

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I love love LOVE vintage classics. I'm always telling Blake how I was born in the wrong ERA. In college I bought a fuchsia 1920's cloche complete with purple feathers. You should have seen the looks I got strutting that baby into my Biology class. One of my very favorite phone calls are the ones I get from my grandma... They go a little some thing like this " Tigan, it's Grandma.... I found some old dresses in my basement I thought you might like.... Hello?... Tigan?" ( The phone which was left hanging by the cord swings back and forth in the absent breeze because I have already ran across the street to check out my new treasures.) 

This unworn turquoise dupioni silk beauty with it's original price tags has sat in a box for at least twenty years in my grandma's basement.  
{Hello beautiful 1950's frock welcome to the 21st century. You and me are going to be real good friends!}

The bracelet was an early birthday present who knows were it's been hiding. If you notice the bracelet actually fits my wrist. See I told you I was born in the wrong time period.

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  1. Tigan You can totally pull off the vintage look! You look stunning!

  2. oh freak that is the cutest dress ever. my husbands grandmother was quite the hot item in her time and she would travel to paris and all around the world collecting the most incredible things. going through her closet it exactly like a gold mine. ya got to love grandma's

  3. So glad you are able to use some of Grandmas treasures!!! You look great. I think she has a stunning red dress somewhere. (I've seen a picture)

  4. Oh my CRAP! That is FANTASTIC! I love it!

  5. Tigan you are gorgeous! Your hair alone qualifies you for marilyn monroe babe-dom, besides the nasty marilyn monroe stuff . . . Lucky!!

  6. I only wish I could pull off your style!! I'm so envious!

  7. Drop-dead sexy woman. Styles may come and styles may go be she is more glamorous every day


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