The Amazing Race: DETAILS

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Some people have been asking about some of the details pertaining to the race. First please feel free to still come to the party even if you DON'T want to participate in the race. There will be plenty of other things to do and we would LOVE to see all of you!

1. $15 entry fee is broken down like this:
- $5 goes to each team for purchasing things during the game related to a "Pit Stop" or a "Road Block"
- the rest of the money goes into the pot for the winning teams. I hope to have a first and a second place cash prize. if enough people play we can even have a third.

2. How you play:
Pit Stop: EX. Go to 155 Wasatch Dr Layton, UT( library) look for a book entitled " The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo" there you will find the next clue.

Road Block: Say you were asked to go to Smiths. The clue presenter then asks you to chose sweet or sour. Say you choose sour, then you have to buy a lemon and suck out all the juice before you can get your next clue.

You will be in a car but you need to be careful not to drive like a crazy person. There might also be some running involved too so dress appropriately.

I'm really excited I think it's going too be really fun. Hope to see you all there!

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  1. DUDE Kyle and I are so in! Who is going to regulate?

  2. And just so you know I have never commented on a Blog before. THAT is how EXCITED I AM!


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