A Day of Lovin'

Monday, March 01, 2010

I know this is late but I had to put it up because I make all these blog posts into books. Ahh the joy of technology terrible scrapbooker, CHECK. Using blurb to create my own super easy version of a scrapbook, DOUBLE CHECK!

So this year Blake planned out this whole Valentines Day surprise. We saw the chick-flick Dear Jon which was terrible except for the hot Tatum Channing part oh and the Ben and Jerry's Ice cream.

We went to the macaroni grill where I tried really hard to be adventurous and pick something new on the menu. But alas... I just didn't have the strength and ended up with some good old Fettuccine Alfredo!

Oh and this beautiful masterpiece that we created on the table. I'm sure our waiter just loved us.

and we spent the night at one of my favorite places the Hotel Monaco. I just love the design of their suites so British Colonial.

Hope you to, had a very... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!



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