A Day At the MuSeUm

Thursday, March 25, 2010

On our way to the Museum riding TrAcKs

@ The Natural HiStORy Museum

We had fun at the UVU Natural History Museum but don't go expecting something similar to the NHM of New York because you'll be sorely disappointed. Mckay said that he'd actually been to this museum before on a field trip but he had a lot more fun this time because we acctually took the time to read all the little plaques and play with all the interactive exhibits. The museum is pretty small it's only like 3 rooms and the exhibits are pretty run down but I hear they are currently building a new NHM and it's scheduled to open in 2011. I saw some of the plans on the website and it looks really interesting... I can't wait!

On a side note I'd just like to say that at all museums really need to have some kind of attendant who's only job is to go around resetting all the interactive exhibits. I mean who wants to come to the dinosaur dig only to find all the dinosaur bones have already been uncovered... lame! I guess it would be OK if the kids are really little just push the sand back over the bones and they probably won't even remember where they where... but when your 12 it just becomes a tad bit anti-climatically!

Regardless Kayo and I had a really BrIlLiAnT time.

Tour of the Salt Lake City LiBrArY



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