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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I realized the other day that I hadn't blogged in well over 2 almost 3 months. I feel bad I haven't been to good at chronicling our life as of late. I mean it's a shame our future children will only be able to see our past Facebook updates and Youtube videos because I have basically dropped the ball on Blogging. I'm kidding, I don't really feel that bad.  However, I do believe an update is in order.

 I think the best place to start would be at "The Gym". Yep, I think it's a stupid name too. Clear back in January 2012 Mr. Robinson quit his job at the Alta Club to take a job at the highly anticipated "The Gym at Citycreek." We were really exited for this opportunity but after a few months we realized that things weren't on the up and up and promises weren't being kept so Blake started looking for other employment opportunities. We toyed around with several offers one of which would have taken us to Dubai but ultimately settled on a job opportunity at a weight loss retreat in Park City.  

Once again we were really excited and we set about making the necessary changes to make this new job the best it could be. After a brief weekend introduction to Mr. Robinsons new digs we saw some red flags. You know the kinds you start to recognize after you have had a couple of no so good employers.  At this point Blake had given his 2 weeks at "The Gym" and with red flags headed our way we started to get a little nerves about the decision to leave the gym and then the best kind of thing that could happen in this kinda of situation did...
Blake's clients got word that he was headed out, They were no so happy about the change and so the wheels of small business began to turn. Almost each and everyone of Blake's clients ask why he didn't just start his own business and that if he did they would all follow.  So Blake took a few tentative steps and searched for a local gym that would allow him to train a handful of private clients... fast forward 3 months and we now have an LLC called Evolve Health and Fitness, innovative online fitness plans and so many clients that we are building The Evolve Fitness private training studio.  Needless to say we are so grateful for all of Mr. Robinsons loyal clients. We are feeling super blessed and a wee bit stressed but ultimately very happy with our decision.

 Business Card

Evolve's new training/filming facility is scheduled to open in December at 600 South and 600 West in downtown SLC not the poshest location but trust me after I get finished with it it's going to shine like a new penny well... like a beautifully patina-ed Ralph Lauren-esque kinda penny. 

The space originally...
  Framing had begun...

 Drywall going up...

I think we might be working with the slowest construction crew on earth. This has been a huge source of frustration and one we can't really control since they are being funded by the owner of the building.  Thankfully this chapter will soon be closed and my favorite chapter will be begin...

In other news I finally picked a logo for Tigan Ink, praise be! Here's the black and white version.

I know I said I'd have the website/blog up by now but truthfully I just simply haven't had time. In addition to helping with Evolve I have taken on several private clients for Tigan Ink and a job working with a production home builder in Bountiful.  All of which is truly wonderful but hasn't left me with nearly enough time. Needless to say were are looking to hire a graphic design if you know any good ones and I mean GOOD ones because I will probably be the most picky/worst client ever then let me know.

In a nutshell you heard it hear first. Now fly my pretties and tell all who are in need of a good trainer (Wink Wink)


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  1. So excited for your guys! Blake is the best trainer--I wish I lived in SLC so I could take advantage of in person training, but I'll definitely be throwing my support your way in whatever way I can!

    Tigan--love LOVE love your logo.



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