A Magnificent Christmas Tree

Monday, December 24, 2012


This is Blake and welcome to my annual blogpost.  Yes it has been (at least) that long since I have posted on this blog but not to worry this will not become a habit.  What prompted this post was this picture

Now many of you have seen Tigan's Extravagant Christmas Trees from years past and this one at first glance may be a bit lack luster and yes it is.  However as I sat looking at the tree on the 23rd of December I couldn't help but think that it was the most Magnificent Christmas Tree that I had ever seen, Macy's couldn't even compare, nor the old ZCMI monstrosities.

Why is a tree that is fake, pre-lit, without a single piece of tinsel a Magnificent tree ever?  Because of everything that it represents, now I know some of you may not agree with the next few lines of text but mind you I am a holy devoted christian that believes the truth of Christ mas is just that, it's all about our Savior and no present or treat can detract from that.

That said, this year a baren tree represents all that has been conquered overcome, forgotten, left behind, and gained.  We didn't sit down for a single moment for the last 4-5 months and according to my count here's what happened in that time:

1. I quit working for others and started working to build my own dreams
2. Tigan began finalizing Tigan Ink Creative and started working with her first clients
3. I signed the lease and will shortly be opening my own Bespoke Fitness facility
4. Tigan began working full time with Brighton Homes
5. We moved during Thanksgiving (not recommended) to a house
6. We painted, re carpeted, cleaned, sanitized, hammered, nailed, screwed, and repaired a home in desperate need
7. I began working on Evolve Fitness' future which I expect to change the world
8. Tigan designed my fitness facility, branding, logo, and tag line

4 months ago we were stalled, there it is I said it.  Then through a series of events, with the help of a lot of friends, clients, and family (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU) a fire has been lit under or rears and there is no looking back.  We wouldn't have been able to do this on our own and are grateful for the help we have had from so many unexpected sources that keep popping up all over the place.  4 months ago life was stalled and now it's reeling so quickly towards the future that some things get left behind, priorities get re-appropriated, and time becomes so valuable.

That Christmas Tree is Magnificent because it was all that we had time for while building our dreams and working our As off.  I hope that all you out there enjoy this beautiful time of year, spend your time wisely and experience how precious our time is on this earth.  This time of year is all about giving and taking time to appreciate all that you have and I appreciate my tree.  For you out there I wish you a very Merry Christmas and encourage you to work every day to build your own dreams or someone will hire you to build there's.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good Night!

Blake R

update: As of December 24th the tree has been completely decorated, T couldn't let it go, my facility is done being built, the home is now occupiable, and there are presents under the tree.  Merry Christmas!

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