Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I had to opportunity to design some flowers for a lovely wedding this past weekend. I don't do a ton of flowers anymore. They kind of stress me out!  Mostly because there is so much potential for disaster..... or at least in my mind there is..... Mr. Robinson says I'm crazy, is he just coming to this realization? Since I'm currently branding Tigan Ink Creative the packaging was a just a mock up but it feels fresh and clean and I really like that so, we shall see...

This was a very artistic bride with wonderful and elegant ideas about the type of flowers she wanted. This always makes my job easier. :)

I know I have a ton of catching up to do on this blog. Our lives have been kind of in a mass of revolving craziness. We almost moved to Dubai, ya that kinda crazy. So I promise to update soon. Until then lovelies.


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  1. Beautiful! Like your tigan ink branding too, its super hard coming up with a logo you love, I always want to change my blog design and logo.

  2. So when arw you guys planning on having babies? Are you ever?


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