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Thursday, June 23, 2011

(Tigan with her kettle bell it's hiding between the legs)
 We have been exercising a lot. I've gotten extra tired of the jiggly bits, so workout I must. More often then not it's a rather cantankerous experience with lots of POSITIVE motivation from Blake. While his peppy attitude is great for his everyday clients I'm rather inclined to shin kicking(his not mine) because seriously when you husbands says just 5 more really what else is a girl to do, well that and extra mournful sulking and theatrical "WHY ME'S".  Maybe I should have asked for a pre-nup that included: Tigan must never get sweaty. It's gross and she hates it. Also sugar is a food group. The best one and should be encouraged at ever meal. I'm surprised he has lasted this long. If I ever get fit it will be a miner miracle and Mr. Robinson will have the battle scares to prove it.
 Blake helped out at a TRX event in Ogden.
He did a little pole fitness with our good friend Aly at her studio Pearl. Click on the picture to watch the video. 
 This was a while ago but defiantly needs to be recognized. Blake is the newest CSCS Trainer in Utah one of only 15. Yes I'm very proud. His newest girlfriend is also featured....THE IPAD.

(Click the picture to watch the video.)

He has also once again started up the weekday workouts down town at the Gallavin center. This year not only will you get a chance to have your tushy whipped into shape by Blake but you'll also have different weekly fitness options throughout the summer. We are talking Yoga Pilates, The Bar method. It's defiantly worth checking out and it's totally F-R-E-E. Click HERE for more info.

 We had a fun night out with our friends Clay and Jen in which we discovered this awesome mural for which I graciously modeled so brilliantly.

Isn't this the most flattering picture? No, Blake could not be bothered to photograph the bed when it was finished being filled and had donned it's extra cute cover. He was however able to capture this incredibly gigantic picture of my BUM. Thanks, I love you so much....
Toulouse and Isabella got a new bed because Bella couldn't be bothered to share (Ahh .. a women after my own heart, I mean bad, naughty Bella) and was quite vocal about it. This resulted in Lousiy cowering every time we told him it was bedtime and running to hide in the bath tub with subsequently distressed tinkling. Can we say RIDICULOUS. I  mean he's only got 20lbs an Bella but she defiantly wears the pants. BABY. Purchase a bed like theirs HERE.

This bride had a really unique concept. Audrey Hepburn meets whimsical garden party. Well those are the words I used to describe what she detailed out to me. She had her heart set on really bright colors with accents of eggplant purple. So I went to work and here's what I came up with. I don't have a picture of the brides bouquet which feature giant Cala's and purple tea leaves or the Bout's with the most perfect green orchids.


 The evidence
 It was a pretty long and treacherous hike No, it wasn't just me even Blake said so. The water was really high because of all the spring flooding so parts of the trail had been washed away or were under water. Toulouse decided he was suppose to be a mountain dog, got all testosteronie and forge ahead as the leader of the pack. He was fearless which was an interesting change from his usual gutless self. He even drank river water which Isabella turned her nose up to and would only lap from the confines of her portable bowl.

Here we hit the end of the Trail where the waterfall was suppose to be, but the trail had been totally cover by water.  Did that stop us... well it stopped me. I put my foot down and said there was no way on earth I was letting my Baby brother traps through the rapids all in pursuit of the mystical waterfall. Mr Robinson however got all extra manly and....

Picture me screaming

"This is not safe", "Please come back", "What if you fall",............"#@!%"
OH.....don't worry he got a PICTURE!

We sure did have fun though!


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  1. Beautiful Flower Tigan - As always! I want to try that Pole Dancing looks interesting and like it would be an awesome workout! Hope to see you guys soon!


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