Things are gettin' FAMOUS round here

Friday, August 05, 2011

Do you take the news paper? Ok, so we don't either but I'm thinking maybe we should start. Recently Blake has been featured in 2 Salt Lake City Tribune articles and  a spotlight in the IDEA Fitness Journal.
The first article which you can read about HERE. Talks about Blake's Weekday Workouts at the Galavan Center. He's been having huge success this year with nearly 30 people at every class. My increased interest theories include.... we have a lot of fat people in SLC, we have a lot of active people in SLC or we have a lot of cheap people in SLC (the classes are free) NO I'm kidding surprisingly people enjoy being physically tortured by Blake. Plus he might make you puke but he's easy on the eyes.... HUGE GRIN! 

 The workout classes run until the end of August so if you are in town be sure to check them out.

The second article appeared just recently after a local reporter needed some info on kettle bell fitness. Who do you think he called? You guessed it , Blake. Plus they took some snazzy pictures.

You can read the article HERE.

Last but not least he was also spotlighted in the IDEA Fitness Journal for the month of July. IDEA is (according to the website) the professional voice of the fitness and wellness industry. Published 10 times per year, this award-winning magazine keeps pace with the continuing evolution in fitness. I know RIGHT!

 I'm so glad all his hard work is paying off I might even be temped to use the P word and get all sentimental and virtually mushy.... So here's to Blake and if your lucky he might even give you an autograph. :)


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