The Ladies who Lunch

Monday, June 13, 2011

On Friday I had the most delightful opportunity to share a morning brunch with 2 of the very loveliest of ladies and their 2 incredibly adorable babies. 
I have known these two for quite some time. Don't believe me well have no fear a little photographic proof.  We were quite something, really, the 3 of us crazy girls I think we got in more fights and had more makeups then I can even count. Once Jessica and I threw down over wearing identical puff vests. You know the ones that were all the rage around 1999. 
We did however mange to make a full friendship recovery by senior year when we hopped a plane to Hawaii for our senior trip.                                                                                           
Kaylyn and I were in the same dance group as little tots. Unfortunately none of those dance skills really stuck for me. I love that both Kaylyn and I are the only girls with red collared lapels clearly divas even at a young age.
I called Kaylyn the B word once in high school when she taddled on me to my mother about sneaking around with the infamous boyfriend. It took months for that fight to blow over. In classic girls style we did each others hair and took glamor shots for homecoming, prom or just for fun on weekends.        
Sometimes 3 was a hard number. In junior high Jessica and Kaylyn lockered together and I cried to my mother that they were the worst friends in the whole world, but I got over it. We had different interests, strengths and weaknesses. Fortunately we never liked the same boy. We grew close and then apart and then closer still.... and then we grew up. We all got hitched and edu-cadated. They had babies, cutie ones to boot and it seemed like in almost an instant 3 little girls became 3 grown up ladies... ladies that lunch.  
Ladies that still do this...
Captured at my 16th birthday party. 
And this....
 In classic Jessica style she forgot to remove the cheese paper that separated the slices. She even commented on how good the cheese was paper and all. LOL

But mostly ladies that are strong with good hearts, ladies who are smart wonderful mothers and friends. Ladies who are kind and faithful. Ladies who's childhood friendships I hope will stand the test of time.
Jessica's studly little man is not pictured except for the top of his head in the picture below. Her blog is private so I didn't want her to beat me up for putting pictures of her baby on my very un-private blog.  But just know he's adorable.

The Table Details... please ignore the fact that I did not iron the table cloth. I know this is unforgivable but well sometimes these things happen.

If you are interested in water marbling your own center pieces I've provided a video. This technique is used for fingernail painting so just use your imagination and think of all the tablescape possibilities.

Don't you just love giant elephant palms. If you're interested in using them for you next party make sure to ask for Monstera Leaves at the florist or wholesale shop. They'll think you're extra classy with total floral street cred.

Thanks Kaylyn and Jessica for a lovely afternoon.


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  1. Wow, Tigan I didn't even know you had some of these pictures!! It's crazy how quickly time has flown and how we've grown. You and Jessica are the best! Thanks for awesome lunch :)


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