A Valentines to Remember

Friday, February 18, 2011

For Valentines Blake took me here... Yep your eyes are not deceiving you, that's a Ballet program I'm holding.  I know, I know Blake's pretty much awesome!

Blake's a good sport too because he put up with me for days afterward, pretending to be a ballerina every time a remotely classical song came on.  I may or may not have been plieing and pirouetting miserably in public....often.

I gave Blake a WALLET...but before you start giving me a hard time let me preface with the fact that Blake had his stolen a week before and he is very particular about his wallets. I mean I drove all the way to park city to get that BAD BOY.
So it's not the same as enduring a 2 hour ballet but being the good wife I am I added a... CHIPOTLE GIFTCARD

Also on Valentines I set up and made decorations for this party.

And the best part a Bride from NYC came in to look at the space for her wedding, loved what I did and asked me right then and there to do all of her wedding flowers and decorations. I'm pretty excited!
I'd say our Valentines day was pretty successful. Here's hoping your day -o-love was also filled with just the perfect amount of mushiness.


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