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Friday, January 28, 2011

Remember this post 2 weddings and a dozen parasols, where I promised photos after I found them... well here they are!

This was the reception for the grooms side of the family. His mother was a collector of great antiques so I used them in small vignettees around the yard.

Aren't the Parasols just to die for. The brides colors were pink, black and white. I used satin ribbons in those colors and 2 burly men to tie the parasols up into the trees. You should have seen me busting out directions. Burly Man 1 :" You want this to go where?" Tigan " In the naked spot under that leaf." Burly Man 2: Which leaf?" Tigan: " That one there." 5'2" Tigan points to abstract location on very leafy tree,obvious to her but totally lost on her lovely help. Good thing they were such good sports.

Doesn't warmer weather sound just divine right about now?... here's to dreaming.


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  1. Wow! Great job Tigan!


  2. That is awesome! I didn't know you decorated for receptions and such! Sounds like an awesome job to me! Everything looks wonderful and I love the parasols in the trees!


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