cuff links DIY

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


1. Epoxy (Any kind will do. I chose gorilla Epoxy because it sets in 5 mins. Less holding time for me!)

2. Cuff Links (I got mine from HERE for $2.42)

3. The Decorative Object (This could be anything buttons, gems, rocks, etc. I used old type writer keys which I got at an antique store in Colorado but I'm sure you could find them here as well. B's for Blake.)

All that's left is a little spot of epoxy on the circular top of each cuff link and hold your decorative object until secure. Make sure to read the directions on your particular brand of epoxy mine said to work quickly strength reduces with air time... so I did one cuff link at a time so as to insure maximum epoxy strength.

And there ya go, a seriously less then 10 minute project. I gave these ones to Blake for Christmas.


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