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Sunday, February 27, 2011

On Saturday Blake and I went to go see my baby brother in Footloose. It was kind of a strange sensation watching a show I had been in in high school. I found myself repeating the lines and lyrics to many a scene. Needless to say Mckay was AWESOME. I hooted and hallard in all the appropriate moments and maybe some not so appropriate ones. (When Mckay got thrown in the Trash can. Tigan : Hey that's my baby brother.") Blake calls me the crowd instigator but it always gets them more involved in the show, plus with the set of lungs my Mom blessed me with I'm hard to miss. My only difference is that I know a good crowd makes for a much better show. 
 Don't you just love that killer Plaid jacket. I think possibly it belonged to my Dad, from his younger years. Which just makes it that much better.  So here's to Mckay the tail end of our little thespian legacy. Who's most certainly destine to be the next home town star!

Footloose 2003


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  1. This was a strange throw-back to days unforgotten even though I try...haha. Funny to think how little everyone was even though we all felt "too cool" and so grown up. I'm sure your brother was great. Was that at LHS?

  2. Yaay! Oh, isn't it the best to see your little brother following in your footsteps? Two of mine did drama in high school and then promptly retired from theatre :P I hope you get to do a show WITH your brother sometime. It rocks! I'm glad you had so much fun watching him perform.


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