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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sorry I've been so absent ladies and gents. I've been busy, real busy.... wedding decorations and flower... CHECK, a new design blog concept... CHECK, Blake's birthday...DOUBLE CHECK. Plus we've had some serious sickness going around our house, ugh.  So today I'll keep things short and sweet. A few flower pics from the wedding...





* Not pictured is the the brides bouquet, toss bouquet and grooms bout. The day just got to busy to capture everything.

The Bride wanted something vintage and antique. I picked flowers that were full of Lacey petals and soft feminine colors. I love how they turned out. A BIG THANKS to Ann and Kirsten. I couldn't have done it without them.

Up next, I have a new design blog hopefully coming next month. I know what your thinking you already have a design blog.... that you don't write on.  Yes I know but this unique concept is super awesome and I'm positive you'll love it so stay tuned.

Also Blake had a BIRTHDAY. He turned the big 28. Sadly I have literally 2 pictures. I was so sick on his birthday so we're lucky I even manged to crawl out of bed. I was pretty proud of my gift this year. Blake has been drooling over the IPad for some time now. Being the good wife I am I told him amongst other things it was ridiculous. So he had pretty much given up on the whole idea. I had already picked out what I was going to give him for his BDAY and it did not include an IPad. It wasn't because it was to expensive it was simply because I didn't like them. Then I remember or realized or something that the point of gifts is to give selflessly... that's what makes it feel so good. That while the birthday gift I was going to give was nice it wasn't what Blake necessarily wanted it was more what I wanted to give him.  So I sucked it up and bought a totally over priced, worthless gadget that does more than an IPod but less than a laptop and will be obsolete in 6 months....Blake LOVED IT!



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  1. Hello Tigan
    I am sorry that you have been so sick. Your wedding decorations were amazing. I am in awe of your talent! I am glad it went so well.

    love beth

  2. Tigan,

    You are so talented at everything you do! What a beautiful wedding. Thanks for the inspiration! P.S. We need to reschedule:) Clay gets home this weekend, maybe a night next week?


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