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Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello There!

As you might have noticed we've spruced a few things up. So, take a look around and stay a while. A few pages are still under construction but have no fear those should be up right quick so check back soon. One of the biggest reason for our change is that we have been having issues with commenting. So if you were one of the lucky commentators having trouble feel free to let your voice be heard. If for no other reason than to let us know we've got all the kinks worked out. Have you caught the fitness bug? Well you're in luck, check out the link to Blake's Blog {Momentum Training}. You won't be disappointed. There's also a link to my Design Blog{bricabrac}, but as you'll be able to see I have been slacking off majorly, hopefully I'll catch up soon. Also our apartment was featured recently on my friends too cute blog Opal Never Shouts. You can check it out HERE. I'll also post the pictures below. Well I think that's about it. As always thanks for stopping by.




By the way remember THIS? Didn't Blake do such a fabulous job! It's a tiny little apartment an obviously because we don't own it there are things we can't change (draperies...terrible) but well it's ours and we love it. Why is there no bedroom shot?... well because it's just a mattress on the floor, LOL... someday.


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  1. I am so impressed with your website skills! The blog looks great.

  2. Wow- your apartment is incredible! It looks straight out of a magazine :)

  3. Tigan, such a lovely pad. When can you come do my house . . . I need professional vision.



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