Eclipse VIP

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Yep I saw it, don't worry I won't give away any secrets! Lucky for me my Dad got VIP early premier tickets to the the show at 7:25pm and I say just ME because let's face it Blake wasn't supper enthralled about waiting in line at the movie theater with thousands of screaming tweens and their moms!

I think this picture is hilarious because with the combination of forgetting to push the red eye reduction button on the camera and my already super pale skin I totally look like a vampire.

Me and Kayo showing off our VIP badges!

Favorite Clip

Now I'm not a crazed Twilight fan or as the 13 year old girls in the row in front of me called themselves Twihard fans (I'm sorry but the word Twihard make me very uncomfortable). But I do enjoy a good cult classic so I hooted and hollered when Jacob appeared on screen in all of his bronzed goodness! I think I embarrassed Mckay because he kept trying to slap his hand across my mouth every time I screamed for Jacob. And well to be honest I might have mortally wounded the TEAM EDWARD fans in the audience when I declared that Bella's engagement ring was the most hideous thing I had ever seen. (apparently the ring was co-designed by the author Stephenie Meyer and Infinite Jewelry Co. I personally thing she should stick to writing but if your interested you can purchase said hideous ring for the low low price of $35 dollars here. Which is about how much that ring looks like it's worth in the movie. Apparently, however it was a pretty penny more coming in at $1,979. Who thinks they should get their money me!)
Or maybe the seriously negative vibes floating my direction could have been due to my announcement of " that's more like it" when a little kissing action between Jacob and Bella appeared on screen. Whichever it maybe the tweens in front of me shot me dirt looks constantly through the movie and the older women behind me kept retaliating with the words "NO EDWARD IS BETTER". But truly the best part of the movie was that I didn't have to see Edwards air brushed grandpa skin abs, HALLELUJAH! For more information on this topic see here. All in all the movie was very entertaining and I mean heck what more can you ask for right?

However, I do have a few concerns for the forth movie. Kristen Stewart bless her little dark and brooding soul has one eyebrow that is shorter than the other. We are taking quite visibly shorter than the other here... even Blake noticed. And her teeth aren't straight, I mean I don't know about you but I'm pretty positive that Vampires are in the ultimate state of perfection. So I'm not quite sure what they are going to do with these obviously serious physical flaws. I would say they could just airbrush it like they did with Rob but we all know how well that went down and to be honest I'm not really feeling any of the makeup artists for the twilight series. Dakota Fanning/Jane's eye makeup in Eclipse was blatantly uneven.
The left eye has more black shadow above the crease and it is not just the angle of this photograph. And so despite my serious concerns for the flawed human cast I will wait with baited breath for the fourth and finale installment of the twilight series were all my dreams will come true...LOL. On a side note I spelled twilight wrong in this post and the spell checker had the correct version already in my dictionary now that is crazy!


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  1. I haven't seen the movie yet, but from the previews I have thought the exact same things. That is the ugliest ring ever! And yes, the make-up could have been handled soooo much better. The sad thing? I think it's improved drastically since the first one. By the way, I love that you screamed when Jacob came into view... ha ha!


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