Barton Creek

Monday, February 08, 2010

Recently at my job we had a retirement home ask us to decorate a few rooms for one of their open houses. I was kind of excited because seriously how often is it that you walk into a retirement home and say to yourself this room is totally ROCK'N...uh...NEVER! Maybe rock'n was a little to much how about just modestly tasteful...well you get my point. The only catch was we had to use product that we already had in our show room...UGH....Let's just say that my place of business has LESS than "modestly tasteful" products on the floor. So I teamed up with another cute designer and we went to work. I think in the end it turned out pretty good for what we had to work with.


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  1. I actually think it looks pretty Cozy in there...not at all what I would think a retirement home should look like.


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