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Friday, January 22, 2010

Sorry I've been so totally absent in the blogging world. Usually I just have so much to say but recently I've either been a wee bit lazy or just plain super busy and neither of these lead to an exuberant amount of blogging.

A little UPDATE you say... alrighty then

hmmm lets see... ah yes
Carter gave his FAREWELL talk this past Sunday and the farewell after party was a absolute success thanks to a well prepared Mama.


He leaves this coming Wednesday the 27th so wish him luck.

Blake and I took a tour of the BEEHIVE HOUSE.

c. 1900 Today

I have to say the tour was kind of lame because it's now given by the sister missionaries... don't get me wrong I love the missionaries but they just kept baring their testimonies and giving us miny lessons on food storage, the power prayer and having a true prophet on the earth today. Being it was a tour of a historic home I was actually interested in the history of the house it's architecture and the occupants that had lived there. Not to mention English was not their first language.

So we spent most of the time helping them create complete sentences. Very sweet girls... not very good tour guides.
After we wound around the rooms for about 20 minutes they took us to a small red velvet settee asked us to sit, handed us a lemon drop and comment card and waited silently until we had filled it out about pressure. I'm pretty sure we got ripped off because when I was 7 I took this exact same tour and while I can't remember any of the rooms or what they said 2 things did stick with me. The hideous picture of actual woven Young women hair and that at the very end you got to pull some salt water taffy and stuff your tummies with it until you felt positively ill. Lets just say Blake was pretty disappointed and I think it will probably be another 15 years before we give this one a go again.

KISS ME KATE is going very well
Thanks for asking ;)
A few rehearsal shots...

A big thanks to Mandie whom I stole these pictures from. Check out her photography at llumine Photography, she's very talented. The show runs from February. 12th - March 13th and my cast is TUE, THUR, SAT hope to see you there!

Oh this is one of my favorites...
We got a new RUG

Isn't she a beauty!

The rug design is from Amy Butler and it's real New Zealand wool. The dogs ex- specially liked it. The first day I put it down Isabella rolled her entire body all over it, so as to make it smell just like her and Toulouse puked twice on the corner... AWESOME!

We had a Date Night at CANNELLA'S


My DESIGN BLOG is finally up.

I've been working on it for months and months so I'm putting it up now mostly for my sanity. It still has a few kinks and I've just barely begun posting on it so I hope you won't judge it to harshly. I do have to give my self a little pat on the back seeing as I designed the entire thing. Which was no small feat for a girl who knows practically nothing about coding. Anywho please feel free to grab a link button and spread the word around.


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