To Avatar, With Love

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dear Avatar,

I enjoyed you... immensely! Not to mention your 3D graphics were spectacular. Everyone told me your story line was a little reminiscent of dances with wolves... they were right. I still loved you anyway. I mean come on there were some clear differences IE: crazy magic hair braids that connected you with all the creators on your planet. AWESOME! By the way I know you were trying to be sneaky but I caught that the Jewish word for god Yahweh was eerily similar to your use of the word Eywa. I also caught your criticism towards the war in Iraq and your visual resemblance of September 11Th to the Na'vi Hometree collapsing in a fiery blaze. You were also able to throw in the ever popular Hollywood soap box of Global Warming and humanities emanate demise. Thank you once again for that bright and cheer thought process!

I do have to pause here, just for a moment and chuckle to myself that while all of your themes of self discovery and world peace have true valor. I have to wonder what the nature loving and harmonious Na'vi tribe would have thought about a mass of humans visually immersed in a giant picture screen all dawned in buddy Hollyesque 3D glass. I'm sure they would have know that every movie that is watched uses about the same amount as a car burning 2 gallons of gas. I know that's not a lot but when you think about how many theaters around the world are playing this movie... well, boy do I feel real sheepish right about now. On second thought I HATE you James Cameron! You lured me in with with your crazy change the world blue alien empowerment movie and now I have to live with the guilt that my 2 and a half hour viewing of your recent master piece greatly contributed to the world going right down the crapper!


P.S. I'll still rent you when you come out on DVD!

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  1. We liked Avatar a lot too! And I loved your letter to Avatar, you are sooo creative!


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