A Shoot To The Death (the pre-wedding hunt)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Last week Blake and I went to Colorado for Blake's sisters' wedding. Since the husband to be liked hunting... the Patriarch Robinson thought what a better way to welcome the new comer to the family then a good ol' boys only hunting extravaganza.

And so the news spread like wild fire round the house that the men folk would be heading out at 1300 hours for a shoot to the death and only 1 day before said nuptials were to commence.

Thankfully I had packed Blake an orange shirt...

and I am happy to report that while the thought of Blake wielding a fire arm with several other extremely inexperienced huntsman sent a little shiver down my spine. The men folk did return ALIVE, HAPPY and with photographic proof that if the world ever returned to biblical times and my dinner had to be shot plucked and rotisseried on an open spit this gene pool certainly wouldn't be left out in the cold!


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